Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Date again extended at Supreme court ...... Is it any conspiracy behind it or just a procedural delay?

A Habeas Corpus Writ petition (criminal) number 178/2012 was filed by Shri Abhishek Ranjan and others in the honorable Supreme Court  for the safe recovery and  justice to 12 yr old Navruna and also for to restore law and order in Bihar. On its first hearing  on  7th of January 2013, Honorable court was pleased to issue a summon to Union Home Secretary, Bihar Home Secretary and Bihar DGP regarding this case, returnable in only 6 week and the second date for hearing was fixed on 25th of February 2013 but later it was again shifted to 22th of April 2013 and again to 1st of July 2013 and again shifted to 23rd August 2013, AND NOW  again shifted to 18 September, which is very far off considering the aspect of abduction of girl child as the safety and security of the kidnapped girl aged 12 year is at stack. As the life of the girl child is in danger. Neither Bihar Govt., nor Central Govt. taking any major action for it, and now court also doesn't want to hear us. Where we go? Time always changed 5-10 days before next hearing. Is it  any conspiracy behind it or just a procedural delay?  

14 August, 2013, Time: 4:50 pm

14 August, 2013, Time: 10:50 am.

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